FTG safety shoes
Ethics, coherence and transparency, safe ingredients
The long experience of over 50 years of production, combined with continuing research in new technologies and materials, allows FTG to design and produce unparalleled.

The company is located in northern Italy in Lonigo in the province of Vicenza, is endowed with highly automated systems that allow direct control and constant production.

And ‘able to satisfy the most complex requirements, covering the most varied environments of use.

An efficient commercial office and a roomy warehouse are able to guarantee a direct management of all the logistics to the full advantage of the customer.
Over 50 years of experience and a modern production site, equipped with a system of the latest generation, makes FTG a reliable reality, capable of producing a wide range of footwear to satisfy all needs.

Our values guarantee safety.

All along the customer service is a point of strength: the internal logistic management FTG is able to guarantee fast and punctual times of delivery. Besides, the sales staff supports the customer in any normative, technical, commercial and administrative requirement. Read our ETHICAL CODE
Excellent perfomance
The cushioning bearing
Soft walk
made in Italy