Our product lines
Safety at the highest level
Safety shoes Ducati Racing Line
Ducati Racing Line
Safety signed by Ducati Corse
Safety shoes Sport Line
Sport Line
The Sport Collection has the modern, sporty look of safety
Safety shoes Music Line
Music Line
Performance and safety with unmatched design
Safety shoes Revolution Line
Revolution Line
When there is no compromising on safety
Safety shoes Comfort Line
Comfort Line
Safety, to the maximum power of solidity
Safety shoes Eagle Line
Eagle Line
Safety soars with the Eagle collection
Safety shoes Professional Line
Professional Line
The safest shoes are long-lasting and never let you down
Safety shoes Olympia Line
Olympia Line
Strong and safe, perfect for extreme conditions
Safety shoes White Line
White Line
Safety especially designed to be professional
Safety shoes Scorpio Line
Scorpio Line
The perfect balance of comfort and performance
Safety shoes Master Line
Master Line
Standards of quality and safety must never be ignored
Safety shoes Accessories
A whole world of accessories for maximum safety
Excellent perfomance
The cushioning bearing
Soft walk
made in Italy