A resilient tree has deep roots
1959: with the verve of a Vespa motor scooter, Italy enjoys its economic heyday, made by intuitions, investments and a desire for renewal.

This is the year when Giuseppe Trevisan, with his pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and unstoppable inventiveness, officially launches our company. FTG, standing for Fratelli Trevisan Grancona, is the name he chooses to represent history, family and origins and to take these values into the future. Today, we continue this journey, carrying on a special tradition of integrity, specialisation, Italian design and continual improvement.
FTG is not just a company, it is a project by an Italian family, passed down from father to son on a journey lasting over 60 years. Over time, our roots—coherence, reliability, craftsmanship—have become ever more solid, allowing us to increase our research, technology and innovation, the branches that support us.

On your feet, the results of more than 60 years of experience, hard work and creativity!

The story of FTG, SINCE 1959
FTG Safety Shoes: our history, since 1959
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The cushioning bearing
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