DGUV 112-191 (ex BGR191)
Safety, tailor-made for you
Need orthopaedic alterations made to your FTG shoes?
Not a problem: our shoes are DGUV 112-191 certified and so you can use your personalised orthopaedic inserts or insoles inside them without voiding their CE certification.

To ensure your maximum wellbeing and cutting-edge safety, we collaborate with the prestigious German institute Matthias Hartmann Orthopaedie + Sport, true excellences in the correction of foot malformations. + MORE INFORMATION
We have chosen to use Matthias Hartmann Orthopädie + Sport, the famous German institution, leader in correcting foot deformities.
Safety shoes certified DGUV 112-191
Excellent perfomance
The cushioning bearing
Soft walk
made in Italy